Recycle For A Purpose is an initiative to support those children that are in need of Laptops and Computers to help them in their education. We are proud to work with some local non profit Organization groups such as 150 Circle of Giving that have an impact in the community. GFWC Woman’s Club of Indio who is a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs is another organization we are supporting.We are also proud to help Desert Cancer Foundation  and Boys & Girls Clubs  here in the Desert to save and enhance the lives of the young children in our community.

 We Truly Appreciate Your Support,

And We Know The Students Do Too!

By contributing to this program, this is a gift and not tax deductible. If you would like to make a larger gift that you want to be tax deductible, please contact us and we will work with local charities to make it happen!

  • Direct Donations In The Form Of Grants Are Also Accepted And We Have Collaborated With Both Private Individuals And Businesses Alike To Provide Donations To Programs That Support Underserved Student’s Growth And Development.
  • Support Us On Social Media By Helping To Spread The Word!

Laptop Recycling

This process is part of our green initiative for protecting the planet and helping the Children. Data from every laptop you donate is shredded and wiped off beyond retrieval. After cleaning the data it will be recycled or sold for parts to donate a percentage until we have enough money to donate a new laptop to a child!

Donate your Laptop/Computers for a better Purpose. We will collect your device and our first step is to wipe the data off them and make them re-usable for a better purpose. By recycling your old laptop/computer  we can in turn donate a percentage from the proceeds to non-profits so they can buy new computers!

You can prepare your laptop for recycling by your own by following these simple steps mentioned below-

  • Backup
  • Deauthorize
  • Clean & Reset
  • Unplug peripherals
  • Remove battery(if possible)

Need of Laptop Recycling…

Recycling your laptop is important because if it ends up in a landfill, the problem isn’t solved — it only begins. Electronics that end up in the trash can become a serious environmental and health hazard.Electronic devices contain toxic materials like chromium, flame retardants, and lead. These materials have been related to damage to kidneys, blood, and the central nervous system.

When you throw your electronic notebook with the household trash, those toxic materials can leak into landfills and even reach groundwater or vaporize into the air in landfill fires. Yet, apart from recycling responsibly, there is another way people can help reduce the amount of electronic waste. After recycling your old computer, instead of ordering a brand new machine, get a refurbished one.

Not only will you pay much less, but you’ll help reduce demand for raw materials. Also, it feels great to salvage a perfectly working computer from being dismantled for scrap.

Worried about your Data?

Recycle For A Purpose is always rigid about the data of its donors. Your data is always safe with us. If you donate a laptop, mobile phone or any other electronic device with us, we will destroy the data using our state of art software that is DOD approved. Our first step is to Securely Remove All Data From Your Hard Drives & Devices. Approved By The US DOD. Leave No Data Behind. Hard drive shredding is also available at no extra cost to you if you feel more comfortable. Connect with our team today if you have any questions or concerns we are here to make you at ease


When your laptop becomes too slow or simply breaks down, you can try to donate it.Also, the greenest thing you can do is to make your own Earth Day and have your computer recycled by a trustworthy recycling company like our’s where you contribute for the environment and also for the unprivileged childrens who get great help with your little efforts.

All mailed-in electronics, laptops included, that reach the Recycle for purpose recycling center in Coachella Valley are recycled for effective reuse.

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