Think outside the Trash-Recycle!

We will either gift your donated gadget to an underprivileged student or sell it off. The amount received by selling off the device would be used to gift a new device and support the needs of an underprivileged student. Apart from helping the needy students it will also contribute to saving our planet. We all know that electronic devices have hazardous and toxic components, and if they are not disposed properly they can harm our environment. We dismantle the electronic gadgets to extract the usable parts and use those parts to repair other devices to make them usable. We gift the repaired gadgets to the needy students.


Computer Recycling

Donate your Apple iMac Computers for a better Purpose. We will collect your iMac and our first step is to wipe the data off them and make them re-usable for a better purpose. By recycling your old iMac we can in turn donate a percentage from the proceeds to non-profits so they can buy new computers!

Mobile & Tablets Recycling

Mobile phones and tablets become obsolete very quickly. Today, there are so many options available for re-using and recycling old phones. Do not worry about your personal information with us. We ensure data destruction before passing on or recycling the tablets or phone. Recycle your iPhone or iPad safely with us now!

Laptop Recycling (Most Popular)

This process is part of our green initiative for protecting the planet and helping the Children. Data from every laptop you donate is shredded and wiped off beyond retrieval. After cleaning the data it will be recycled or sold for parts to donate a percentage until we have enough money to donate a new laptop to a child!


We request you to donate laptops, computers, or mobile phones that you no longer need. 

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