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Donate your electronic devices for charity or recycle them. Why do you ask?
We will either gift your donated gadget to an underprivileged student or sell it off. The amount received by selling off the device would be used to gift a new device and support the needs of an underprivileged student. Apart from helping the needy students it will also contribute to saving our planet. We all know that electronic devices have hazardous and toxic components, and if they are not disposed properly they can harm our environment. We dismantle the electronic gadgets to extract the usable parts and use those parts to repair other devices to make them usable. We gift the repaired gadgets to the needy students.
We request you to donate laptops, computers, or mobile phones that you no longer need. Our services are spread across the Coachella Valley, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, and Indio.

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Don’t Just Recycle! Recycle with a Purpose

When you donate your electronic devices, it helps our program in one way or the other. The device donated is either directly gifted to one of the underprivileged students. If not, it is sold off in the market and the value of the sold device is used to purchase and gift a device that is used to fulfill the needs of a deprived student.

We Truly Appreciate Your Support, And We Know The Students Do Too!

By contributing to this program, this is a gift and not tax deductible. If you would like to make a larger gift that you want to be tax deductible, please contact us and we will work with local charities to make it happen!

Direct Donations In The Form Of Grants Are Also Accepted And We Have Collaborated With Both Private Individuals And Businesses Alike To Provide Donations To Programs That Support Underserved Student’s Growth And Development.

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Help Us change Lives All Around the World

Your donations can help us to achieve our goal. Our goal is to provide refurbished electronics to the children/students who need them. One of the biggest reasons for charity is to help the less fortunate. If you are blessed in life, make a decision today of helping those in need. Electronics donation is also a great way to contribute towards saving our planet. Take the first step with us today.

You can help by recycling your laptops, computers, iPhones and Tablets

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    Please note there will be $25.00 charge for residential or business pickups under 5 items. All material is recycled here locally in the US at our facility

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    Worried about your Data? It will be destroyed!

    Recycle For A Purpose is always rigid about the data of its donors. Your data is always safe with us. If you donate a laptop, mobile phone or any other electronic device with us, we will destroy the data using our state of art software that is DOD approved. Our first step is to Securely Remove All Data From Your Hard Drives & Devices. Approved By The US DOD. Leave No Data Behind. Hard drive shredding is also available at no extra cost to you if you feel more comfortable. Connect with our team today if you have any questions or concerns we are here to make you at ease.

    Supporting Local Non-Profits

    Recycle For A Purpose is an initiative to support those children that are in need of Laptops and Computers to help them in their education. We are proud to work with some local non profit Organization groups such as 150 Circle of Giving that has an impact in the community. GFWC Woman’s Club of Indio who is a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs is another organization we are supporting.We are also proud to help Desert Cancer Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs here in the Desert to save and enhance the lives of the young children in our community.